The jewelery jewelery is usually made of alloy (mixed) of various metals that are golden or silver-plated to have a golden or silver look. This "paint" is a thin layer that can wear out during use and your jewelry loses its glow and blacks out.

Below you will find useful tips to keep your fingers bright for longer:

1 Avoid contact with fragrance, body cream, make up.

2 Avoid contact with water, soaps, detergents or alcohol.

3 Avoid contact with sweat (even the pH of each person's skin plays an important role!). Prefer to wear jewelery that is loose on you, not to tighten you so that air circulates between your skin and jewelry to avoid sweating.

4 Avoid sleeping with your jewelery. During sleep, you often sweat without perceiving it, resulting in a quick discoloration of your jewelery.

5 Avoid frequent and long-term use. Keep your jewelry for your exits. If you want a jewelery that you wear continuously then you should choose a pure metal jewelry (platinum, titanium, stainless steel, gold jewelry from 18 carats and above) so that when it gets black you can be cleaned.

6 Keep your jewelry in their box or in a cloth case and avoid leaving them exposed at different corners of the house.

Always remember that jeweled jewelery is very low cost jewelry than gold or silver, so do not have the same requirements! In the event that you have a lot of jewelery you like but it is black, there is always the solution of plating (with gold or platinum) to a skilled craftsman who can restore the jewelery to its original condition.

Tip! The following tip has a very good fit in rings and to wide jewelry parts that come into constant contact with your skin:

Apply one or two coats colorless nail polish across the surface that comes into contact with your skin! This creates a protective film, but you should often renew it because it is worn with use.