All of our watches are 1 year warranty from date of purchase on your receipt. The proof of purchase is necessary for the warranty to take effect.

The warranty covers only the clock mechanism and It does NOT cover

-the battery

-falls on the strap-bracelet-clasp

- damage to the glass

- crown damage

- damage to the mechanism from water when the watch does not have water protection

In the event that anything happens to the clock mechanism within a week from the day of receipt, our company undertakes to replace the watch without any charge for transport costs. At the end of the week and for the remainder of the warranty, the shipping and shipment costs (2,5 euro from you to us + 2,5 euros from us to you + 2,5 euros the delivery charges) are charged exclusively to the customer. The shipments are always done with the partner courier company and after a telephone (211 221 5986) or electronic ( Communication.